Versatile pocket chainsaws – efficient hand saws of high quality

Our range of high quality chainsaws offers valuable tools for your outdoor adventures. A pocket saw that is perfect for camp life, hiking or fishing trips. Why not keep one in your car in case you encounter fallen trees unexpectedly? Our hand-powered chainsaws are extremely powerful and durable. Use it to get through trees and branches, when cutting bushes and smaller trees or making a fire.

We also offer folding saws with various saw blades and multi-tools that include many useful tools, suitable in several situations, both for professional and day to day use.

A versatile and efficient handsaw from Nordic Pocket Saw should have a given place in the survival kit when an emergency arises in the wilderness.

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Nordic Pocket Saw is made to last a long time and to maintain the best functionality you need to: 1. Keep it dry and clean. 2. Keep the teeth sharp by regularly using a 4 mm round file for sharpening. 3. The chain should also regularly be lubricated with chain lube.