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“We reach a fallen elder tree, which Neil is pleased about because it means he can test the Nordic Pocket Saw, a manual chainsaw he’s brought along. It quickly cuts through the small trunk and we despatch the tree on to the verge and continue to the A354.”


“This saw now lives in my Land Rover as I never know when I may come across a fallen tree.” (Mike Gormley, Joint-Forces).” Full article here“.

The Loadout Room – IWA 2018

“This is a tool that should be in your go bag, bug out bags and camping/hiking loadouts. I plan on purchasing two myself and adding one to my vehicle kit and one to my hiking backpack.” (Scott Witner).” Full article here“.

IWA 2018

Welcome to visit us on IWA OutdoorClassics. Hall 4 Stand 339 in the Scandinavian Village

National Geographics Adventure Gift Guide December 2016, No. 1

”Enter the clever, lightweight, and ever so useful Sport Hansa Nordic Pocket Saw, which mates a chainsaw chain with webbing handles to create a surprisingly effective little chopper—OK, not literally a chopper, but the effect is the same: It cuts in both directions to make fast work of deadfall or firewood…” Read more here.

Labratory Strenght Test Results

From the University of Karlstad in Sweden, Nordic Pocket Saw has been strictly tested to find out how much force it can coop with. Read the results here.

Very positive review from ”Vandringsguiden”

The Swedish ”Vandringsguiden” (hiking guide) has tested the saw and gives us a very positive review. For example, they compare our saw with a traditional bow saw and shows the benefits of Nordic Pocket Saw. Read the full review here.


Field Tested: Nordic Pocket Saw. Expeditionportal. March 31st, 2017

“I have experimented with a few hand-powered chain saws and never found one I thought did the job well. Most have clunky chains with only one poorly shaped cutting tooth placed every few links. Those teeth are often too pronounced and while often sharp enough to chew through wood, are hard to get started or snag so badly I can’t maintain a fluid cutting motion…”

“Leave it to the Swedes to perfect the hand-driven chain saw. The Nordic Pocket Saw isn’t a reinvention of a design, it’s the perfection of it…” Read more here.

Review from HiConsumption

”Thankfully, the Nordic Pocket Saw offers the best of both worlds, packability, and convenience, to help you quickly and efficiently gather enough wood for the night’s fire…”

Read the full review here.

Wilde Hunde, April-Juni 2017

”Ein Must-Have für alle, die keine spritbetriebene Kettensäge im Rucksack mitschleppen wollen und trotzdem den ein oder anderen Baum aus dem Weg räumen müssen…”. Source: Wilde Hunde

Nordic Pocket Saw Taps North American Market

”Nordic Pocket Saw puts raw cutting power into the hands of outdoor enthusiasts. Sparked by consumer demand for human powered hand tools, the Swedish brand enters the North American market and answers the call for a powerful yet packable saw for wilderness and the outdoors…” Read full article here.

Nordic Pocket Saw Taps North American Market

Nordic Pocket Saw, which launched in Sweden in August 2015, will introduce its product to U.S. and Canadian markets come Fall 2016. Sport Hansa is tasked with handling sales and distribution in these markets.

“Hand tools designed and developed based on usage in harsh conditions, like Scandinavian axes and knives, are continuing to grow in popularity among the general outdoor consumer.” Read the full article here.