Nordic Pocket Saw – Premium


This hand chainsaw is a versatile and lightweight tool designed for outdoor activities. It can be utilized for cutting firewood, clearing paths, and removing fallen trees during camping, hiking, mountain biking, and other adventures, making it an indispensable companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Its compact size also makes it a dependable tool to keep in your vehicle, ensuring that you are always prepared for unexpected obstacles on the road.

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The Premium version has the same size as the Nordic Pocket Saw Original, but the nylon has been replaced with organically tanned leather from Sweden. The leather comes from Tärnsjö Tannery, Sweden, which is one of the few tanneries in the world that still supplies vegetable-tanned leather. Leather tanning has been known to humans for thousands of years, and it was initially done using vegetable-based oils. Nowadays, many tanneries apply a chrome-based tanning process due to its cost-effectiveness and efficiency, but it is also known to be less environmentally friendly. Studies have also shown that leather tanned with chrome-based oils carries the risk of causing allergic rashes in humans who come into contact with it. When you own a Premium version, you can proudly boast about having a product with leather that is tanned using the same method as leather was tanned by the earliest humans.

The Premium version is primarily designed to be used by one person. However, when cutting larger logs, you can also use this saw with a friend. It works best for logs with a thickness of around 10 cm / 3 inches, but it can also handle pieces ranging from 3 cm / 1 inch to 45 cm / 18 inches in diameter. If you are cutting sticks and branches that are less than 3 cm / 1 inch thick, we recommend using one of our folding saws instead. The chain is 65 cm long and made of heat-treated high carbon steel, featuring 33 bi-directional teeth to ensure optimal performance during use.

The chain has undergone testing in a Swedish laboratory, demonstrating its ability to withstand forces 20 times stronger than those achievable by a human during normal use.

Chain length: 65 cm / 25.6 inch

Handle material: Organically tanned leather from Swedish farms

Chain material: Heat treated high carbon steel

Weight: 145 g / 5.1 oz (without case)

The art of using leather is one of man´s earliest and most useful discoveries. Our ancestors used leather to sew clothes, tents and shoes in order to protect themselves from natural elements. Craftsmen have mastered the art of tannery for thousands of years and yet today a few traditional tanneries are still using the same organic technique. We have chosen Tärnsjö Tannery as our leather supplier since they offer hides from local Swedish farmers and since their production is 100% organic. 

Leather is a heterogenic material since it is made of natural resources from our fauna. It is common with slightly differences in tints and appearance since no hides is alike.     

Leather is a natural material and therefore require extra care in order to maintain its characteristics and appearance in the longer run. We recommend our users to treat the leather with leather balm every now and then to reduce the risk of dry cracks. You should also have in mind that exposure in direct sunlight might bleach dark leathers and that chemicals and detergents may damage the leather or tarnish the colour.  

When treating your Premium saw correctly you will extend its lifetime and it will age gracefully, developing a beautiful patina with use over time. 

When using Nordic Pocket Saw Premium there is likelihood of stretching the handles. This is considered to be normal since leather is a natural material and will not be accepted as an argument in possible complaints. However, any potential faults related to production will be covered by the warranty. 

Differences in tint and appearance is normal when it comes to leather. The character of the leather is shaped during the life time of the cattle and nuances may occur from barbed wire or from other natural incidents.