About us

Nordic Pocket Saw was founded in 2015 by two childhood friends who saw an opportunity in creating a quality product for their own outdoor adventures and later for thousands of other outdoor enthusiasts.  

It all started with a friend of them going for a hunting trip to the Amazonas. He went to the most remote parts of Amazon’s jungle and on his travel, he met native people from different tribes. With him on the trip he had brought a hand powered chainsaw, also known as pocket saw, which he had bought as a souvenir on one of his business travels. He decided to give it to one of the tribe leaders who appreciated the present so much that he said it was one of the most useful gifts he ever got. 

The two childhood friends were later told about the meeting with the tribe leader, and they thought a similar saw could be useful on their outdoor adventures. When searching for the tool they realized that they were not to be found in Sweden, nor in Europe. They ended up buying some samples from Amazon US but when put to the test, the saws broke down or did not perform at all.  

This is where the idea of producing a hand powered chainsaw with high quality was born. Today Nordic Pocket Saw has become an international brand with sales in more than 25 countries on 5 different continents. The hand powered chainsaw has always been, and still is, the backbone of the company, even when the catalog has been broadened into new product segments. Ever since the start, quality has been the guiding star when developing new products, this since customers should be able to rely on our tools when putting them to the test. Making quality products is also a crucial starting point in our continuous work of being and becoming more sustainable for each year.  

In the company, we are a good group of people with different interests in outdoors, forestry, cross-country running, orienteering, skiing and more. As an example, we have an employee who grew up as the fifth-generation sawmill owner. We also have a former elite orienteerer who has won every lunch run at the company so far. We find it important to be interested in sports and outdoors since that is when you will understand what true value means for a customer within our segment.