Nordic Pocket Saw – Skalvik 8


This foldable handsaw has an aluminum frame, a recycled cork handle, and a saw blade made of Swedish steel. It’s durable, lightweight, and perfect for cutting firewood, clearing paths, pruning trees and clearing overgrown bushes in your garden.


Nordic Pocket Saw Skalvik 8 can be used for cutting firewood, clearing paths and removing fallen trees during camping, hiking, mountain biking, and other outdoor adventures. Additionally, it is also suitable for pruning trees and branches in your garden or clearing overgrown bushes.

 The handle of our saw is crafted using cork granulate, which is derived from the production waste material of wine and champagne stoppers. Rather than discarding this material, we have repurposed it by grinding and shaping it into an ergonomic handle.

Did you know that cork oak trees can thrive for up to 150 years by regularly harvesting their bark? This process doesn't harm the tree but triggers a self-regeneration process, allowing the tree to rebuild itself. As a result, cork is a fully renewable and 100% recyclable material. When a cork oak is harvested, every part of the cork is utilized in various products, such as wine stoppers, insulation, and even the handles of our saws.

The leather string we use is tanned using vegetable-based oils, following the same method that the first men used thousands of years ago. This method is known to be more eco-friendly compared to the commonly used chrome-based tanning process used today.

The frame of our saws is constructed from the aluminum alloy EN AW-5754, renowned for its high strength and excellent mechanical properties. It offers exceptional corrosion resistance and its smooth surface finish enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Our saw blades are made of high-quality Swedish steel, known for its exceptional strength and durability. This ensures that the saw blade will serve you for an extended period before requiring replacement.

Cork in wet conditions
Cork is naturally water-resistant due to its cellular structure, which contains suberin, a waxy substance that acts as a natural barrier against moisture. This inherent water resistance makes cork an excellent choice for applications where exposure to water or humidity is expected. Therefore, using this saw in wet conditions for a few hours will not damage it. Just make sure to store it dry after use so that any moisture captured in the handle will be driven out naturally.

Cork’s durability and characteristics
Cork has a natural ability to regain its original shape after being compressed or pressed. When cork is compressed, the air inside the cells is expelled, causing the material to temporarily change its shape. However, once the pressure is released, cork gradually regains its original shape as the cells re-expand and the trapped air is reintroduced. This means that the handle will not become deformed or compressed over time. Instead, the handle will feel soft, comfortable, and as good as new every time it's time for sawing.

Total length open: 440 mm / 17 ¼”

Total length closed: 255 mm / 10”

Blade length: 215 mm / 8 ½”

Teeth per inch: 7

Blade type: For fresh wood

Weight: 197 g / 7 oz